Thursday, August 18, 2005

Out Of Town!

Hey... just thought I'd let my faithful readers know that I'm gonna be offline til Sunday. I'm actually posting this at the Apple Store in Chicago as a matter of fact. Have a good weekend!

Go see the Noisy Gators tomorrow at Alto Vineyards or Solips at Canopy Club on Saturday...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

New Bill Murray Flick Coming To "The Art"

Yep, the runner-up at Cannes this year, "Broken Flowers," starring my hero, Bill Murray, will be coming to Boardman's Art Theatre. I've been combing the papers wondering if the "bigs" were gonna bring it in first, but no sign of that, so it was to my sweet surprise to see it coming probably sometime next month. I'll keep you posted as times are announced.

While there's no date set for the film at The Art, I can tell you that the awesome Castle Theater in Bloomington, IL is going to have "Broken Flowers" starting on Sept. 16th. I highly reccomend making the trip to visit this theater. It has two levels of seating, which consists of comfy couches for every seat and tables. Why would you need a table? Because they serve food and drinks right to you! And not just popcorn... read the menu here.

Local Novelty Store, Hot Diggity!, Burgled Monday

Some total a-hole decided it was cool to break into Hot Diggity! on Monday night and steal the cash register. Evidently this Rhodes Scholar thought that they would find money in a cash register after the store is closed for the day. Ever hear of the night deposit there buddy? The perp decided to break their glass door to get in, so that's not exactly a cheap replacement for a small business. Head in to the store and give them some support... you'll find crazy superhero stuff, Homestar Runner goodies, The Simpsons, and more stuff that'll tickle your funny-bone.

Hot Diggity! is located at 501 N. Neil St. in Champaign, and weekday hours are noon-7pm.

Here's an example of the funny stuff you can find:

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Surprise! You're on Not-So-Candid Camera!

WCIA reports that the Illinois Dept. of Transportation will soon be installing cameras in construction zones that will track speeders and send them tickets in the mail.

So, no, 56 mph in a 55 is not acceptable, even if you can't tell the difference. The little camera can!

I suppose that agency will find any way to absolutely soak us dry for driving on their roads that are constantly under construction. How about the ridiculous $.80 tolls in Chicago? Ugh.

So Much For Common Sense....

One of our own decided to call it a day yesterday.

Champaign Common Sense says, "Blogging gets too petty too quickly. It is also wasting way too much of my time. So I'm done. Goodbye."

They have left once before, and then returned, however, so who knows. Perhaps we've not heard the last of CCS yet.

In blogging, you get a lot more opinion than fact, and like my dad always says, "Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one." Rule numero uno: don't take this stuff too seriously. If you're not having fun, don't do it. If you get stressed out with other peoples opinions, don't even bother. If you can't have a discussion without getting flustered, go read the paper.

Monday, August 15, 2005

HUM - Reunites Near the Highdive Oct. 15

For those who don't read, I felt obliged to mention that Champaign's alternative rock legends, HUM, will be reuniting in a 3000 person capacity tent behind the Highdive on Saturday, October 15th. There will be around 6 other bands playing as well, all currently unannounced.

HOWEVER... this is a Budweiser promotion, and the only way in will be through tickets given away by Bud and whatever promotions it decides to throw. And it's likely gonna be 21+.

Keep your eyes peeled here for further info as it becomes available!

(Thanks to Ward Gollings,,

Free Frozen Custard - Wednesday @ Culver's

Yep, sometimes the best things in life are free...

The Champaign location of Cluver's is located at 903 W. Marketview Dr. (aka by Sam's Club).

Thanks to

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