Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Local Novelty Store, Hot Diggity!, Burgled Monday

Some total a-hole decided it was cool to break into Hot Diggity! on Monday night and steal the cash register. Evidently this Rhodes Scholar thought that they would find money in a cash register after the store is closed for the day. Ever hear of the night deposit there buddy? The perp decided to break their glass door to get in, so that's not exactly a cheap replacement for a small business. Head in to the store and give them some support... you'll find crazy superhero stuff, Homestar Runner goodies, The Simpsons, and more stuff that'll tickle your funny-bone.

Hot Diggity! is located at 501 N. Neil St. in Champaign, and weekday hours are noon-7pm.

Here's an example of the funny stuff you can find:


At 5:00 AM, August 20, 2005, Blogger Kiyoshi Martinez said...

Hot Diggity is a really cool place and I've met the owner before when she hosted a NaNoWriMo introduction party at the store.

And yeah, this smart crook has obvious never worked retail before in his life. Us register jockeys know that you never get to keep the money in the register after you close down.

"This town is full of savages."


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