Friday, August 12, 2005

"The Blues Brothers" Screening at The Virgina

I shouldn't have to get the crowbar out to pry you from the computer chair to see this one.

For a measely $5 you can hop in your Bluesmobile and go watch one of the funniest movies ever in the beautiful Virgina Theatre tonight at 7PM or Saturday at either 1PM or 7PM (Don't rely on your broken Timex digital watch, either). Hell, hide out under the chairs after the first viewing with your bucket o' corn and soda and get the best seats for the second showing the hard way. Or...

Perhaps you could get yourself a "Motherloade" burger at Farren's and then, avoiding the Illinois Nazis, walk down to the theatre. Or wait til after the movie and walk over to Tracks. If you like, get the incredible Crab Cake sandwhich. Oh, and the cheese-potato wheels are awesome... those have to be your side. I don't think they offer a whole fried chicken, but they can get you a chicken sandwich and a Coke without all the song and dance.

And since it's Friday, you may as well have a drink (careful, as that Night Train is a mean wine). Might I suggest Mike n' Molly's? Sit out in the garden like a bunch of us bloggers did, or enjoy the cozy atmosphere (and the White Sox game) inside. It's a win/win. They offer many kinds of music on the jukebox, but no country or western.

Wake up Saturday before 11AM and grab the breakfast special at Sam's Cafe. And forget the dry white toast, as the hotcakes are too good to pass up. Then head over to Exile around the corner and pick up a new record to soundrack your summer's end or maybe a used Sega Genesis (It's the best in town, and Jeff will throw in the black buttons for free!). Grab a drink at Cafe Kopi and sit out at West Side Park, and before you know it... 12:30PM rolls around and it's time to get tickets to the 1PM showing of The Blues Brothers.

Maybe a little more comfortable than hiding out under the theatre chairs over-night...


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