Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ridin' The Dane Train

So, I was sitting in my computer chair last Friday night trying to find a way to get tickets to see one of my favorite comedians, Dane Cook, over at Illinois State's Braden Auditorium. You see, the show had sold out two hours after it went on sale, and repeated trips to eBay were only bringing me prices in the range of well over $150 per ticket. Given my current situation, that was not an option. I was feeling a bit curious this particular evening, and decided to go on to Ticketmaster's website to investigate the show a little closer. To my amazement, this supposedly sold out show had one ticket left in the orchestra section at face value! So, I told my signif other about this sudden turn of luck, but I knew the response wasn't neccessarily going to be one of encouragement. You see, she is a huge fan, as well, and we were split as to who would go. I sort of thought since I had found the ticket, and would be paying for it, that it would be a pretty easy decision. Of course, she didn't see it quite the same. Finally, she relented, and told me to buy it after I told her that we would go and scalp another one for her if I bought this one.

However, I was still feeling curious. I went back to the main page and did another search for a single seat again, and lo and behold, there was another one. So, we were elated, and now we were both going to see the Daniac on stage together, although a few rows apart. Yet, I still felt something was amiss. My college roommate who introduced me to Dane had also been wanting to go. This sent me once more to the well of the T-master, and I was rewarded with one more ticket, and it was the last one. Needless to say, the phone call to my buddy was a moment of elation, especially since we all thought we'd be missing the show just hours before.

Last night's show was incredible. Dane was in top form, and was mixing up bits of old and new material like a Cuisinart food processor, and it was tasty from start to finish. The cold-hearted bastards at Braden Auditorium were confiscating cameras that were brought into the show, and the few shots that I managed to covertly snap are not necessarily post worthy, but perhaps with some considerable editing I'll have something up later. The energy was high, and the crowd would roar with approval when one of their favorite skits was played out right before their eyes. My favorite moments included his take on people's reactions to car accidents ("*Screeeeech* It hit! Where the fuck are my shoes!!!) and bad one night stands (The worst is when they want to make life plans and all you want to do is get the hell out!!!). I'm by no means doing the man justice, so go forth and procure his first album, Harmful If Swallowed, and get some edu-ma-cation. You'll be commenting copious amounts of thanks here later, and possibly buying yourself a bag of cashews.

Now, if we could just get David Cross here...

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