Monday, April 30, 2007

Zwan... Honestly!

Yeah, I'm posting Zwan videos. Why? Because I've been on a total Corgan kick lately, and I just can't help but wonder "What If?" What if this band would've stayed together for at least another album or two? What if their first album blew up to the heights that many expected it to? Well... we probably wouldn't have had "The Future Embrace." However, I find this all out alterna-pop assault rather gratifying every now and again, especially in the wake of the sludge the Pumpkins were putting out towards the end on "Machina."

I was working at WPGU when this first came out, and we swore that Zwan and Nirvana's "You Know You're Right" were going to kick-start another revival of quality rock tunes. Well, it turns out that Zwan ended up as dead as Nirvana within a year, and neither would make noise in the modern rock charts after '03.

I still have my Zwan CD/DVD combo, and I'm probably the only person I know that listens to it, but take a listen to these songs (and their cheesy videos) and try to convince me that these tracks aren't better than the shit that passes for Top 40 rock these days. I feel sorry for today's teenagers...have fun listening to Fall Out Boy when you're in your 40's.

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