Thursday, March 29, 2007

Phew! For A Minute There I Lost Myself...

So... school has been unbelievably busy this semester, and henceforth, March has almost come and gone without a post. But not quite!

There is still one noteworthy show on the tCoB's radar this month, and that being The Beauty Shop w/ The 1900's at Cowboy Monkey this Friday. The gig starts at 10:30pm, and there are a few other openers, so plan your night accordingly. The 1900's are a Parasol band, and are just "ok" by my standards. They seem more like a bunch of suburban kids trying a little too hard to stand out in Wicker Park. But like my ol' man says... "opinions are like assholes... everyone's got one, and yours stinks!"

There's also a little interview with Headlights on the Daytrotter website. There are also 4 live tracks, one of them unreleased, that you can both stream and download. I find the image they used on the site to be sort of hilarious. Almost anime-esque... Looks like they could be in "Yellow Submarine" or some sort of Headlights derivative thereof. You can see the band April 6th at Cowboy Monkey with Page France.


At 5:11 PM, April 03, 2007, Anonymous C. said...

Wow, what's up with their weird drawing of Erin? It doesn't do justice to her.


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