Wednesday, January 03, 2007

UIUC Girls Of Engineering Calendar

Yes, some enterprising students decided that marketing a calendar of scantily clad young women who happen to be engineering majors would be a good idea. Why couldn't I thought of this? It's available for purchase on Amazon, in case you were wondering.

Here are a few pics to sate you since the host website,, is down due to being on the front page of
Here's a video of a flip through of the calendar, read with descriptions of each month's featured female.


At 9:37 AM, January 11, 2007, Blogger Don Gerard said...

I am pretty sure the blond with the strategically-placed textbook is in direct violation of the Division of Research Safety's guidelines for proper lab attire.

At 5:26 PM, January 29, 2007, Blogger TLY said...

Ahhh ... the token calendar to make some $$$ for college. 10$ says enrollment in the Engineering program will increase.

Female engineering students will be heard complaining "Quit trying to figure out what I'm wearing under my lab coat" and male engineering students will be thinking "I wonder what's under the lab coat?"


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