Saturday, July 29, 2006

New Headlights Song For Download From Spin

Here's a tasty tidbit from those characters at; the Headlights track Hi-Ya! (right click, save as)

It's awesome. You should download it ASAP, as I'm not sure how long Spin will leave it up. Of course, you'll want to pick up their debut album, "Kill Them With Kindness," on Tuesday, August 22.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Champaign of Blogs Turns 1 Year Old!

Happy Birthday! With over 14,000 posts and counting, I can't help but thank the loyal readers who keep coming back. Postings will return to a more regular schedule in a week or two, so bear with me. In the mean time, feel free to leave comments about what you've enjoyed over the past year and what you'd like to see more of and I'll do my best to sate your desires. Thanks again!

New Blog + Talkin' Weaklies...err..Weeklies!

Lots happening behind the scenes in the Champaign of Blogsiverse, hence the posting has been light as a styrafoam cooler; my apologies.

There's a sort of interesting local blog that's getting started called The 69th Issue. I'm not entirely sure what the focus is going to be, but it looks a bit more political in nature. Yours truly may be contributing in the near future.

More scoopage later...

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