Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gettin' Hits Like Pete Rose! And CU Music Awards...

Champaign Of Blogs would like to say THANK YOU to all ye lads and lasses that frequent this little corner of the globe. The site has amassed over 10,000 hits and counting, and I'm glad that even though posting has been a little slow now and again, that you've kept checking in. Cheers!

And a little follow-up on Thursday's WPGU/Buzz C-U Local Music Awards... there are a handful of winners posted on, and I'm sort of consolidating that info. Feel free to comment on the show or any updates to categories not currently listed.

Best Male - Larry Gates
Best Female - Erin Fein
Best Rock - Lorenzo Goetz
Best Live - Elsinore
Best DJ - DJ Bozak
Best Americana - Beauty Shop
Best Hip Hop - Agent Mos
Best New Artist - Lynn O'Brien
Best Record - Living Blue
Act Most Desired For a Reunion - Hum

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