Saturday, March 18, 2006

Happy St. Pats!

Yeah, it's a few hours past the "official" St. Pats, but I'm still tipsy from a few hours ago, so therefore, IT COUNTS!!! Right.

Anyway, so the real joy in all of this is the fact that a St. Paddy's Day toast that I wrote at Mike n' Molly's won me a huge framed Guinness poster! This is probably around a $50 value that I won for writing a poem that ended up getting thrown away when I asked for it immediately after I had won the prize. I can only remember a few lines, but I knew even then that it was better than most of the pathetic garbage they'd receive; hence my winning. At any rate, I can write a limerick and dance the jig with the best of them, and it was a blast tonight. Cheers to WPGU and Mike n' Molly's for a great night out.

EDIT: I remembered the limerick! Here it is:

To all the Scots and forget-me-nots
Who've come for an Irish good time
Let there be just one twist
On your alcohol list
Bring the whiskey
But pour out the wine!


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