Saturday, March 11, 2006

2006 Buzz/WPGU Local Music Nominees

I'm a little slow to the gate, but still racing to win.

Anyways, the 2nd Annual Buzz/WPGU Local Music Awards will soon be upon us, and therefore a cast of nominees have been selected in the following categories:

Best Folk/Americana
- Elsinore
- Angie Heaton & The Gentle Tamers
- Elanors
- The Beauty Shop
- Joni Laurence

Champaign Of Blogs pick - Ok, Tractor Kings aren't in here? Weird. I'm gonna go with The Beauty Shop. Their new comp comes out soon, BTW.

Best DJ
- Lil Big Bass
- Mertz
- Bozak
- Elise
- J Phlip

Champaign Of Blogs pick - Well, my favorite active local DJ is DJ Hoff. He spins out of this world garage rock Tuesday's at Mike n' Molly's. On this list, however, DJ Bozak takes the prize.

Best Female
- Joni Laurence
- Holly Rushakoff (Triple Whip)
- Erin Fein (Headlights)
- Lynn O'Brien
- Adriel Harris (Elanors)

Champaign Of Blogs pick - This is tough. Holly and Erin? Arrrhhhhhgghgh. The agony. I'll go with Erin.

Best Male
- Larry Gates (Lorenzo Goetz)
- John Hoeffluer (The Beauty Shop)
- Tristan Wraight (Headlights)
- Steve Ucherek (The Living Blue)
- Noah Harris (Elanors)

Champaign Of Blogs Pick - Another tough one. Scott Kimble doesn't get a nod here? Come on! The guy works the stage like a madman works padded walls. What about Rob McCutcheon of American Minor? They may have moved out, but were still here last year. I'll go with Larry Gates.

Best Record
- Shipwreck "Origin"
- Headlights "EP2"
- The Living Blue "Fire, Blood, Water"
- Triple Whip "Snake Creep Down"
- Terminus Victor "Under Surveillance"

Champaign Of Blogs Pick - I'm a little surprised that American Minor is not on here. However, The Living Blue's debut on Minty Fresh is more than deserving. Cheers, fellas!

Best New Artist
- Cameo Turret
- fireflies
- Megan Johns
- Bailey
- Lynn O'Brien

Champaign Of Blogs Pick - My actual pick is Mad Science Fair, but from this selection of artists, I'll choose Bailey. He's finished up recording on a new album, if I'm not mistaken.

Best Rock
- The Living Blue
- Headlights
- Lorenzo Goetz
- Tractor Kings
- Shipwreck

Champaign Of Blogs Pick - Again, the lack of Terminus Victor here is odd. Tractor Kings simply belong in the Folk/Americana nomination in my eyes. The Living Blue definitely rock the hardest here.

Best Jazz/R&B
- Desafinado
- Ear Doctor
- Kilborn Alley
- J. Helgesen
- Nu-Orbit Ensemble

Champaign Of Blogs Pick - Where are Candy Foster & The Shades of Blue!!!!!!!!!!!! They're my pick. Sorry, this is just such a crazy omission to me. Kilborn Alley will get my vote, but Candy Foster is truly the best jazz performer in town.

Best Hip-Hop
- Krukid
- Al-iteration
- Sanya N' Kanta
- C King
- Agent Mos

Champaign Of Blogs Pick - I have honestly not gone out and seen any of these people in the past year. I've heard Sanya N' Kanta a while back and enjoyed it, however, in fairness to the rest of the nominees, I'll not make a pick.

Best Live Act

Tough call, but The Living Blue have a sound that just explodes in concert.

Local Band That I'd Like To See Reunite

Well, Head East would be fun. *laughs* Or the Vertebrats. Grand Vizars, perhaps. The easiest to reunite would be Absinthe Blind. Imaginary Posse would be a personal choice. Too many!

There you have it! Congrats to the nominees... it should be a fun night.

The awards ceremony will take place on Thursday, April 6th at The Highdive. For more information, check out the CU Music Awards website.


At 9:26 PM, March 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are the Delta Kings? They should have been on the list.

At 7:32 PM, March 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey tell DJ HOFF thanks for giving me a great recomendation it got me a job! Also the band that should reunite is Teddy and the Boozers! Joe Grant rocks the casba and blows glass!

Blackie Bosco

At 6:11 PM, March 29, 2006, Blogger Sean said...

I'd like to see the Red Hot Valentines reunite. They were my favorite local band. I was lucky enough to see them twice.


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