Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pygmalion Music Fest 2006 - New Website

The head honchos for the Pygmalion Music Festival have created a new site for all of us to ogle. I won't even try to match their prowess in artist descriptions, schedules, lodging, etc.; it's all there. It looks like they will be continuing to add to an already solid line up of local, regional, and national acts. Polyvinyl is co-curator of this years fest, which only helps it's exposure. Bravo!

Local music stalwart Todd Hunter has vacated his column, Sound Ground, in the Buzz. Not sure what he's up to, but Champaign of Blogs wishes him well. It's damn rare that a show goes on without Todd being there or knowing a gratuitous amount about who was playing even if he wasn't able to attend.

There seems to be a little bit of a bitchfest at over Seth's latest column in the Buzz. I think it's partly a misunderstanding. Seth writes things that spark a little debate because he's an opinions columnist. So, therefore, he writes opinions on the things he knows about, and it just so happens that those opinions aren't always favorable. *Shrugs* Surely this is not a surprising turn of events if you've read his columns. My advice is to give him a week or two and he'll be repealing any bad vibes with a public apology and claiming openingbands is the reason he has a career in music or something. Or maybe not. The fact is that openingbands has accomplished quite a bit for this town's music scene and no opinion can change that.


At 10:19 AM, August 21, 2006, Anonymous C. said...

Todd is the new music editor at The Hub. You heard it here first.


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