Thursday, August 24, 2006

Elsinore, Shipwreck, Watery Domestic @ Courtyard Cafe

Ok, I'm not exactly sure of my readership at the moment, but I would be remisce not to mention the Elsinore, Shipwreck, and Watery Domestic show tonight at the U of I's Courtyard Cafe. Why, you ask? Because 1) it's free 2) there is likely something among one of those 3 bands that someone would enjoy (fans of rock/indie music, anyways) 3) it's at 9PM, so you can still hit the bars or house parties and not look like some lost freshman who's knocking on the door at 7PM looking for a cup. It's that simple, folks!

If you wanna myspace these guys and get a preview of the tunes, here are the links:

Watery Domestic

So, if you dig these bands, you can even download a few songs and blare them all out of your dorm window or hallway or your shitty apartment (don't worry I live in one, too). Meet a few new friends, head out to some shows, buy some CD's, and who knows what else...a little romance, perhaps? You'll never know unless you go.


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