Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday - "Gawker Media" Style

- I ran into Matt from It's Matt's World Wednesday at a bookstore and ruminated about upcoming concerts and the fact that the second C-U Blogosphere Get-Together has yet to transpire. Any ideas? I would hope for a more low-key (i.e. sans media) gathering...

- The Hub has finished it's new website, and it's pretty flashy. However, it's not entirely up to date with this week's articles, so you still gotta hit the newsstand. I could do without the audio track on the site, but hey, I'm sure some web guy sold them on a "full experience" with "sights AND sounds." What would be cool is an optional audio stream that plays music by local artists and DJ's. But hey, I'm full of ideas ;-) Just ask me! *laughs*

Lisa Meid is stepping down from her post at The Hub, and there was no real explanation. Here's to your work, Lisa! Best wishes on the T.V. gig.

And The Hub has suddenly beefed up this week... a whopping 40 pages...and it's great. Tons of Pygmalion Fest Coverage... even a sweet pull-out schedule in addition to their weekly guide. A brief interview with Seth and a Fein by-line in The Hub (gasp!) giving info on Pygmalion, the always informative Grapevine, Don Gerard finds an opportunity to use the phrase "painted trollop," and Eric Steckler's article on tennis champ Roger Federer makes me wish I wrote it myself and that he just mixed me a drink. He's the cocktail master!

- Oh yeah, Interpol is coming to town this weekend. I dig their first album... Antics is just okay. See them with Boom Bip this Saturday at 7:30PM in a pared-down Assembly Hall.

- The Buzz sees the return of the Feinest columnist in town. He admits to being a flip-flopper, but I prefer to be a waffler... it's just tastier. And while I support his stance on the whole smoking thing, Mike n' Molly's, the Iron Post, and the Brass Rail all provide entertainment. Hell, M&M's was where I saw my first show in Champaign (Imaginary Posse, if you're wondering). But I do get Seth's point. Coulter hates math (and so do I), Fred Koschmann scribbles on Daniel Lanois, Mike Schiele reviews Sufjan's Canopy show, and Kyle Gorman feeds my t.aT.u. addiction. Although I think their new single sucks.

- There's more coffee talk on Little Blog concerning a recent DI article and $tarbuck$. (Get it? The dollar signs are S's!) Honestly, I think the best coffee house on campus wasn't even mentioned; that being Cafe Paradiso. I'll still take Kopi over all of them.

- Broken Flowers is at The Art!!! I'm excited.

- Jukebox Upchuck may sound a little nasty, but it's really quite a resource for tunes. Indulge!

- And I'm still seeking ideas for sustained gainful employment... comment or email me. I'm also still thoroughly obsessed with Neil Young. I picked up his biography, Shakey, from the library the other day and am currently listening to the beautiful Comes A Time on this rainy day in CU.


At 5:35 PM, September 23, 2005, Blogger thenoiseboy said...

As nasty as I wanna be!

At 5:00 PM, September 26, 2005, Blogger lbotp said...

I think that CP serves up the best coffee in town, but the plume of smoke that greets one upon entering is the main reason I rarely go there (the exception being summer when they have the windows open).


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