Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Xiu Xiu @ The Courtyard Tommorrow

OK so there are three scenarios for Thursday's Xiu Xiu show at The Courtyard:

1. You are lucky enough to have tickets to go see the Sufjan Stevens gig and need to kill time til the big show. Bailey and Yellow Swans open, and are a different vibe than Liz Janes. Score!


2. You whiffed on the Sufjan tix and are not yet willing to give up on a night out with great music. You get lucky, because Xiu Xiu is in town, and you can fill everyone in on what they missed.


3. You could give three rats' asses about Sufjan, and are sold on the brilliance of Xiu Xiu. The Courtyard saves the day with more of their brilliant booking. We should be so lucky to have this kind of variety.

Whatever the case may be, as Bailey is telling the world (or... perhaps just the part of the world between Neil St. and Goodwin) that the "End Is Near!" and you should really enjoy what's left of your time. Although, I imagine the gas mask is a little warm these days... the guy's got a hell of a way of getting his point across.


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