Sunday, September 04, 2005

Downtown Champaign Unites For Katrina Fundraising

Here's the latest for local fundraising efforts for the Hurricane Katrina cause:

Website is getting together businesses for various efforts throughout the coming week for donations to go to the Katrina tragedy. Here's an email sent from one of their representatives.

"Hi friends-

Hurricane Katrina was one of the most tragic natural disasters in our nation's history, leaving the survivors in the Gulf Coast without food, water or shelter, and Downtown Champaign is coming together to raise money for relief efforts. This peaks Thursday, September 8, 2005:

A number of local businesses are providing donation boxes which will go the American Red Cross, earmarked for Hurricane 2005 relief. A number of downtown businesses are giving a portion of revenues on Thursday, or throughou the weekend, in disaster relief donations. And -- a fun way to help relief efforts -- we're having a barcrawl for disaster relief this Thursday (Sept. 8).

At the barcrawl, we're asking participants to donate the equivalent of your bar tab -- or you could donate whatever you'd like, or just show up to provide support. But also: the bar owners will donate a portion of their proceeds. The schedule is:

6PM - Blind Pig Pub
7PM - Farren's
8PM - Barfly
9PM - Esquire Lounge
10PM - Mike n' Molly's

For an updated list of businesses donating a portion of revenues, an updated list of drop boxes, and updates on the barcrawl, please visit:

Thanks for your help in this tragedy, and please pass this on to your friends."

So, that's the latest of many efforts of fundraising going on across CU, and if you have any additional information regarding upcoming events for Hurricane Katrina in CU, please email them here.


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