Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sarah Michelson - A Solid Debut

Well, let me be the first local blogger to say "Welcome Ms. Michelson!" The latest columnist for the Buzz is filling in for Champaign O' Blogs usual fave columnist, Seth Fein, as he takes a bi-weekly hiatus to give his friend a shot at the weekly by-line. And we should all be thanking him (if we haven't already for all of his efforts in booking some excellent rock shows).

Michelson explores how our perceptions can change locally and globally and how much of a challenge it can be to change our minds when faced with new information. From taking a trip to Greek Park, to witnessing our government fail to serve its people in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy, Michelson finds her peceptions about people and places change when confronted with reality. In this case, a pleasant surprise with new friends and uttter disdain for the undue suffering of fellow Americans, and the cognitive dissonance that occurs when those events transpire. I think she does a fine job in tying her personal experiences to the challenges we're all facing and giving them a voice through the written word.

Pick up a copy of The Buzz locally, or just click here for the article.


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