Friday, August 05, 2005

Top 6 Songs To Kick-Off the Weekend

What'll be on your MP3/CD/Tape Deck/Turntable as we get to the weekend?

This doesn't have to be your definitive, lifetime top 6... just whatever you're gonna throw on today.

I'm in a rockin' mood this week so it'll be...

1. Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith
2. Balinese (Deep In the Heart) - The Redwalls
3. Break - American Minor
4. Live Forever - Oasis
5. Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone? - Ted Leo & The Pharmacists
6. The Waiting - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Also, thenoiseboy is (thankfully) back at it again. The garage rock DJ/music blogger has a new site, jukeboxupchuck.


At 5:00 PM, August 05, 2005, Anonymous C. said...

Are the Redwalls still using those awful fake Brishish accents? Because that was pretty sad.

At 7:02 PM, August 05, 2005, Blogger greymatter said...

when were they using them?


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