Friday, August 05, 2005

Sleater-Kinney - Coming back to The Highdive's time to make like Nate and Claire Fisher circa Season 2, Episode 17 of Six Feet Under; and by that I mean it's time to see Sleater-Kinney! (Claire's argument was that Nate was too old to like or even know who Sleater-Kinney WAS. Nate called bullshit! Anyone can like S-K! He's right.)

Right from the mouth, err, typed hand of Ward Gollings, the veteran Seattle alt-rockers will be back in town on October 9th at The Highdive. The opener will be Chicago garage rock outfit, The Ponys.

Tickets will be $15 dollars, and I believe they go on sale this Saturday. You can pick them up around Champaign at the following Highdive ticket outlets:

Bacca Cigar Co, Dandelion Vintage Clothing, Skins-n-Tins Drum Shop, Exile on Main Street, Any Frequency Records (220 W. Washington in Monticello)

Or purchase them online here. And don't wait on getting them, as they will sell out fast.


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