Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pygmalion Music Festival - All the Details

As first reported here, Pygmalion Music Festival is going to be upon us from September 28 through October 1. The fest is going to utilize venues across CU, and a festival pass costs only $25. The fest's website has information on every artist performing, so roam if you want to.

However, I will provide the Official Pygmalion Music Festival Lineup and Schedule, as given by the festival's co-creators, Seth Fein and Mike Ingram, on Bands listed are confirmed acts and the times represent an approximation of what time they will be performing and where. In addition, bands have their home city and state listed as well, alongside individual prices for the shows:

Wednesday – 09.28.05

The Canopy - $7

9:00pm – Mike Ingram – (Champaign, IL)
9:45pm – Bailey – (Champaign, IL)
10:30pm – The Elanors – (Champaign, IL)
11:30pm – Maserati – (Athens, GA)
12:30pm – Headlights – (Urbana, IL)

Thursday – 09.29.05

The Canopy

10:00pm-11:30pm – Umphrey’s Mcgee – (Chicago, IL)
12:00am – 1:30am – Umphrey’s McGee

The Highdive - $7

9:00pm – The Chemicals – (Urbana, IL)
10:00pm – The M’s – (Chicago, IL)
11:00pm – The Living Blue – (Champaign, IL)

The Courtyard
- $5

8:00 – Tractor Kings – (Urbana, IL)
9:00pm – Catfish Haven – (Chicago, IL)
10:00pm – Low Skies – (Chicago, IL)

Cowboy Monkey - $5

12:30pm – The Invisible – (Urbana, IL)
1:30am – Emotional Rec Club – (Champaign, IL)

Mike N Molly’s - $5

11:30pm – Green Light Go – (Urbana, IL)
12:30am – Unique Chique – (Chicago, IL)
1:30am – Fireflies – (Urbana, IL)

Friday – 09.30.05

The Canopy - $10/$12 early / $5 late

7:30pm – Saturday Looks Good To Me – (Detroit, MI)
8:30pm – Ida – (Brooklyn, NY)
9:30pm – Mates of State – (San Francisco, CA)

11:30pm – Al*iteration – (Urbana, IL)
12:00pm – Harsh – (Champaign, IL)
12:30pm – Agent Mos – (Champaign, IL)
1:00am – Ro Knew (Champaign, IL)

Cowboy Monkey - $5

9:30pm – Elsinore (Charleston, IL)
10:30pm – The Championship (Milwaukee, WI)
11:30pm – Triple Whip (Urbana, IL)
12:30 – Lorenzo Goetz (Champaign, IL)

Mike N Molly’s (Outdoor) - $5

10:00pm – Pulsar47 - (Champaign, IL)
11:00pm – Ambitious Pie Party - (Urbana, IL)

The Iron Post - $5

9:00pm – Angie Heaton - (Urbana, IL)
10:00pm – Megan Johns - (Champaign, IL)
11:00pm – Lynn O’Brien - (Bloomngton, IL)
12:00pm – Kate Hathaway – (Urbana, IL)

Saturday 10.01.05

The Canopy - $10 / $5

8:00pm – Shipwreck – (Urbana, IL)
9:00pm – Chin Up Chin Up – (Chicago, IL)
10:00pm – The Appleseed Cast - (Lawrence, KS)
11:00pm – Troubled Hubble – (Dekalb, IL)

12:30pm – Apollo Project – (Urbana, IL)

Cowboy Monkey - $5

10:30pm – Darling Disarm – (Champaign, IL)
11:30 pm – The Winter Blanket – (Minneapolis, MN)
12:30am – The Beauty Shop – (Champaign, IL)

The Courtyard - $5

9:30pm – jigGsaw – (Urbana, IL)
10:30pm – Mike Downey – (Chicago, IL)
11:30pm – The Like Young – (Chicago, IL)

The Iron Post - $7

10:00pm – Ear Doctor – (Urbana, IL)
11:00pm – Thollem – (San Francisco, CA)
12:00am – Jason Finkelman’s Nu-Orbit Ensemble

Mike N Molly’s - $7

11:00pm – TBA
12:00am – City on Film – (Chicago, IL)
1:00am – Owen – (Chicago, IL)

That is a veritable smorgasbord-orgasbord-orgasbord of rock and roll music my friends. Granted, it goes up against Krannert's Guitar-fest that weekend... but I only really wanted to see Daniel Lanois there anyway.

And I can't wait to see those t-shirts, Seth! "This little Pyggie went to Highdive, this little Pyggie stayed out til 2AM...." We should collaborate!


At 9:58 AM, August 24, 2005, Blogger jharris said...

The traveling blues night at Wall to Wall should be great. Play the cards right and one could leave KCPA after seeing Taj mahal and Rory Block and move right over to the Highdive and catch Living Blue. That would be a great night.

Blurring the boundaries, on Oct. 2, could be really cool, too ( Andy summers and vernon reid will be there.)

Apple is giving 3 workshops on garage band and logic software on Oct. 1, and Lanois is playing afterglow at 10pm that night.

With Pygmalion and wall2wall, it's a great weekend of music.

At 10:12 AM, August 24, 2005, Blogger greymatter said...

Yeah, it's going to be one helluva weekend. I think the timing is great for both festivals to go on at the same time, as the crossover exposure will help them both.

At 4:29 PM, August 25, 2005, Blogger sethfein said...

hey hey!
as soon as i find out who you are, i'd love to collaborate! if you want to keep your anonymity - that's cool too...
anyhow -

thats where you'll find me!


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