Friday, October 06, 2006

Everclear, Five For Fighting & Gary Jules - AOR MANIA!

Time-warp with me, if you will, to the mid-90's, and experience the mediocre talent of...

EVERCLEAR!!!! LIVE!!! With two opening bands that aren't worth a mention!

They're playing tonight at The Canopy at 7pm for the low low price of $18!!!

Or, just watch this clip...

Or... perhaps you could save $13 of those dollars and go see The Living Blue tonight at 10pm (or so) at the Cowboy Monkey... *ding*... yes that's the correct answer!

Monty, tell her what she's won! A CLIP OF TELL ME LEEZA BY THE LIVING BLUE!!!

Whew, that was good! But what about Saturday?

Well, soccer moms, put on your best Old Navy dress up gear, 'cause Five For Fighting are coming to The Canopy Club! And they're bringing Gary Jules, whose most well known track was written by Tears For Fears! YESSSS! It's an early show, too, so make sure you have the baby sitter there by 6pm. Have a nice dinner at Applebees, a couple of light beers at the show, and kick up your heels with these power balladeers!

I'm not gonna bother with a Jules clip. Why, you ask?

Because a truly awesome show will be happening literally down the street from that pile of crap mentioned above. I'm talking about Viva Voce, Headlights, Silversun Pickups, The Kingdom, and Shipwreck at the U of I's Courtyard Cafe. I believe this makes for Shipwreck's 67th appearance at the Courtyard this semester alone! But no matter, because it's only $7 for this show, which is also an early start, by indie rock standards, at 8pm. Subtract $2 from the price if you're at UIUC student... then go give that $2 to Margaret...unless you can out-run her.

Here's a live clip of Headlights from Pygmalion Fest... delish! "Signs Point To Yes..."

And, because I can, another live clip of Headlights. "Put Us Back Together Right"

And Champaign Of Blogs predicts a U of I homecoming victory... 21 to 14 over those evil mouth-breathing Hoosiers of Indiana University! 'Cause you know, hoosier rhymes with loooooserrrr!


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