Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Still Smokin'...In The Bars...'til 2007...

Well, as reported very quickly and gracefully in the News-Gazelle, Urbana voted 6 to 1 in favor of a smoking ban. However, the real news is that this will not effect bars until January 1st of next year. When Champaign held their vote, it had a clause that basically stated that any dates decided by Urbana would be ratified 30 days later by them. Urbana will begin a month of education as to what it means to be "smoke free" in the bars over the month of January, and begin a full enforcement of the law on February 1st, 2007. Champaign City Council members will have to agree on Urbana's schedule before they are confirmed for their city, but it's assumed there won't be much, if any, difference.

I just am not sure about this strictly from a civil liberties stand point, no matter how small of a stand point it may be. Health-wise, I understand it, and those reasons alone are enough to get it passed. However, there's just something about these votes and reforms that seems a little rushed for me. The way this is passing without a lot of research in regards to the economic patterns for businesses great and small before and after a law like this just seems wrong. The CU Non-Smokers Club or whatever they're called are more than entitled to their beliefs, but if you are so convinced of the need for non-smoking establishments, why don't you open them yourself? No one's stopping you. If they're wildly successful, you'll have proven your point, and made a mint in the process. It's the beauty of free-market enterprise. Although, I'm guessing you could care less about how the businesses who will lose money are going to have to deal with this, let alone stay in business. Guess it's good night to Nargile and the Green St. Cafe come 2007.

Again, it just seems like an plan without a lot of thought was put into place for the people who have to implement it; those people being the businesses.


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