Saturday, August 27, 2005

American Minor's CD Release Party @ The Canopy

Last night, the West Virginia-come-Champaign rock outfit, American Minor, celebrated their major label CD release on Jive Records at The Canopy Club. Thee Shams and Lorenzo Goetz kicked the night off for a crowd of close to 400 people on the Canopy's main stage. The set list for the show comes courtesy of local music savant, Todd Hunter.

01. Shine
02. Break
03. Don't Jump the Gun
04. Cheaters & Non-Believers
05. Hot N Nasty
06. Mr. Queen
07. Walk On [with instrumental intro]
08. One Last Supper
09. Medley: Papa Was a Rollin' Stone/Movin' on Up
10. Sleepwalking
11. Change

12. All My Time
13. Buffalo Creek
14. Whipping Post

You can listen to Walk On, Break, Shine, and One Last Supper on their myspace site.

Since 2002, I've had the pleasure of watching the band at nearly all of their CU performances, and have gotten to know some of the guys, and am very happy to see the success they've earned. I'm even more happy to have all the memories of the legendary shows. The Halloween show with The Blackouts (now The Living Blue) in 2003 and the CU-Cityview's Showcase back in 2002 stand out for me. Good times, indeed.

Unfortunately, my camera battery was totally dead for last night's gig, but I do have a good picture of Rob from the American Minor/Redwalls show at the Highdive this past February.


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